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Art Gallery Stroll

Starting at the North end of Cannon Beach and heading South you will find just how special the arts are to the residents.  Families like the Hull's started here over 30 years ago and just like then, Jeffery Hull is painting some of his best work yet.  While his son, Nate, owns Cornerstone Framing.  With his meticulous eye he can showcase your paintings or prints like no other.  


A beach bonfire on the Oregon coast in a scenic area like Cannon Beach is a dream come true for millions.  In order to preserve the beauty it is asked of us to respect the fire restrictions, leaving no trace, and also how to properly extinguish your bonfire when done.  Here are a couple resources to help you ensure that this unique place will be prestine for generations to follow.  


One of the highlights of any beach visit is to take a stroll on the beach.  Things to know and remember:

1.  Cannon Beach is roughly 4 miles from the North exit to the furthest south exit in Tolovana.  The soft sand will take more energy so be sure you plan your walks.

2.  Keeping your eyes and ears to the ocean.  Sneaker waves are a constant here.  Listening for the loud breaking waves might tell you that you are close to getting wet.  

3.  Please pick up after your animals.  Free bags are available.






The Tolovana Arts Colony has a mission to provide affordable year-round art-related education, inspiration, and cultural programming to the residents and visitors of Cannon Beach.

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