Frequently asked questions

Cannon Beach

How long does it take to drive from Portland International Airport to Cannon Beach?

Cannon Beach is located 90 miles Northwest of Portland. Estimated dirve time is 1 hr 40 mins. *That time can change based on factors such as time of day, accidents, and weather so please allow for ample time.

How close is the nearest town with a major chain grocery store?

Seaside is 8 miles to the North of Cannon Beach.

How many people live in Cannon Beach?

As of 2017 the US Census Bureau report that 1,728 lucky people reside in Cannon Beach.

Can you drive a vehicle on the beach?

No. Driving on the beach is prohibited. Driving is allowed from Gearhart to the North Jetty.

Are there public bathrooms on or at the beach?

There are 3 public bathrooms. The one in downtown Cannon Beach on 2nd and Spruce across from the Visitors Center. The second is located across the street from the puffins in mid-town. The third is located at the Tolovana Wayside State Park 2 miles South of north bathrooms.

Do I need to have a permit to have a wedding ceremony on the beach?

YES. You do need a permit to have a wedding ceremony on the beach. You can obtain a permit from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department @ 503.994.8152

Are they bunnies safe to pet?

The Cannon Beach bunnies are wild it is not recommeded that you attempt to touch or contain. Please let the wildlife continue to be wild.

How close should I stay away from the elk herds?

The elk prefer to be left alone. Please do not pull over on the side of the road with yellow stripping. If you do pull over, ensure your vehicle is not in the lane of traffic. Roads can be dangerous as a result of the rain fall. Feel free to temporarily park in a safe pull out or other public space to photograph our amazing neighbors.

Are dogs allowed anywhere in town?

Canine are most certainly welcome many places in and around Cannon Beach. Business owners have the rigfht to forbid animals based on refusal to serve laws. As you will notice most store fronts supply water dishes and treats. PLEASE pick up after your dog. We even provide the baggies and trashcans all along the beach roadways for disposal. Help keep our beach as clean as possible.

Are there fun and safe activities focused towards minors?

Other than a beach bonfire there are a couple options available for minors; the skate park, city park, The Escape Room, or Coaster Theatre & Playhouse. Stores like Geppetto's Toy Shoppe, Once Upon a Breeze, The Kite Factory, Voyages Toys Comics & Games,


Does Cannon Beach have a history museum?

The Cannon Beach Historical Museum is located on the West side of HWY 101 at the Sunset Exit. Click here for their website.

Where did Cannon Beach get it's name?

The history behind how Cannon Beach got its name. ... Early settlers referred to the area as Elk Creek, but in 1846, a cannon from the shipwrecked USS Shark washed ashore near present day Arch Cape and many began to refer to the area as Cannon Beach. In 1922, the name Cannon Beach was officially adopted as the city's name.

Who named the town Elk Creek?

According to the Cannon Beach History Museum, it was in 1910 that Elk Creekofficially named itself Ecola. This little fledgling village of Ecola was named after thestream running through town; Ecola was a name derived from a similar Clatsop tribe word.

When was the light house in use?

Tillamook Rock Light (known locally as Terrible Tilly or just Tilly) is a deactivated lighthouse on the Oregon Coast of the United States. It is located approximately 1.2 miles (1.9 km) offshore from Tillamook Head, and 20 miles (32 km) south of the Columbia River, situated on less than an acre of basalt rock in the Pacific Ocean. The construction of the lighthouse was commissioned in 1878 by the United States Congress, and began in 1880. The construction took more than 500 days to finish, with its completion in January 1881. In early January 1881, when the lighthouse was near completion, the barque Lupatia was wrecked near the rock during inclement weather and sank, killing all 16 crew members.